Shape Your Impact

What does it mean to "Shape Your Impact"?

For a non-profit organization, a campaign is designed to work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal and mindset. For UIDM, we are taking the idea of a campaign and utilizing it to make sure that our 25th anniversary will not only stand out, but leave a lasting impression with every single person that our community impacts. The “Shape Your Impact” campaign came to fruition due to a desire of wanting each individual of Dance Marathon to not only understand the impact they have had on our kiddos and families, but to understand that their impact can be so much more. Shape Your Impact will not only be utilized to reach dancers, but its initiatives and purposes will reach sponsors, donors, community partners, volunteers, families, and everyone that this organization touches. No matter how small or large your acts are within UIDM25, you are allowing yourself to Shape Your Impact on all of our kiddos and families--the reason we, as an organization, are here today.

How can you shape your impact?

No matter how large or small the act, participating in UI Dance Marathon 25 will allow you to change lives and Shape Your Impact. Here are some examples: Community days, fundraising, running DMM, family events, forming your personal story, and the kiddos and families. The campaign is intended to be very individualized. Each population within the organization can shape their impact with how they see fit. There are numerous ways to Shape Your Impact though, whether that be through volunteering, dancing, donating, sponsoring, partnering, etc.

Am I really making an impact?

Every single person that has ever even come in contact with UIDM has made an impact on not only our organization, but also our community. DM would not be where it is today without the work, dedication, and passion poured into it by every member. As the largest student organization on campus, we want to focus on the inclusivity and individuality of each and every member of DM. 

Who can help me shape my impact?

Everyone's impact is completely individual and unique to them, but you don't have to do it alone. No matter where you are or how you want to shape your impact; there is someone there to help you. Whether your morale captain gives you fundraising ideas, dancers help keep you on your feet during the big event, DMM runners help you run that extra mile, or leadership help you find your "why", there is always a DM member ready to help you shape your impact. Don't be afraid to reach out to all of the resources put in place to help you out so you can maximize your impact and make it your own.

Can my impact change over time?

Your impact can definitely change over time, but each and every person's impact is equally as important. You may choose to broaden your impact by attending more family events, pushing yourself as hard as you can to fundraise FTK, or attend events with fellow DM members outside of the organization. Your involvement in DM is completely up to you, and you can shape your impact in infinite different ways!

Why is my impact important?

The “Shape Your Impact” campaign is designed to let every individual understand the impact they can have on our kiddos and families and the extent of what their impact can be. Each and every one of our impacts is unique and important, and truly makes a difference in the lives of our kiddos and families.