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Big Event

Welcome to the UI Dance Marathon 27 Virtual Big Event! This year has presented us with many obstacles but regardless, everything has been done with the families and kids at the forefront of our minds. The year is not over yet, the next 24-hours we are committed to the UIDM mission to fundraise, support, and engage for our families.

Our campaign this year, Rise with Resilience embodies the resiliency our families and kids show throughout their cancer journey. From diagnosis to treatment to remission or loss, UIDM is there to support our families every step of the way.

This website has been structured to recreate the Big Event in a virtual format. From the comfort and safety of our homes, we will dance, we will cry, and we will provide unwavering support to our families and kiddos.

Please check out the Main Stage Livestream and the Big Event Schedule, enjoy your virtual Big Event experience!

Always For The Kids,
Elizabeth Jackson
Dance Marathon 27 Executive Director

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