Fighting Together Rain or Shine

Saturday, September 21st, commenced the third annual Kickoff to Kinnick 5K. Kickoff to Kinnick is one of Dance Marathon’s biggest sponsorship and fundraising events. For the past three years, thousands of people have come together as sponsors, volunteers, and racers to make this event possible, with a portion of the proceeds going to our kiddos and families on the eleventh floor at Stead.  

 This years Kickoff to Kinnick was unlike other years in because the gloomy weather threatened the safety of the participants and volunteers. The race was cancelled with the safety of everyone in mind. Although the weather seemed to put a damper on the event, we continued to fight together. Through rain or shine, participants still chose to run and volunteers still cheered. We all came together proving how strong and connected our community is. Looking around, despite everyone's wet feet, cold hands, and a cancelled race, smiles still lit up the atmosphere. People were holding hands as they ran, high fiving each other as they passed another milestone in the race, and cheering one another on with words of encouragement. Here’s a quote from Jordan Fisher, the Operations Director of DM 26, that embodies the spirit of Kickoff to Kinnick 2019: 

 “Despite weather cancellations it was great to see such a high turnout of runners. People showed up bright and early and kept a positive attitude throughout the entire morning. I got to talk to a number of runners during the various delays and it was a great chance to hear their stories. One lady emphasized how much she loved the race while another family told me how they had traveled over an hour to attend. It was incredible to see the support and enthusiasm from such a large community in spite of the setbacks we faced!” 

This is exactly what Dance Marathon is, and exactly the energy we need to take with us the rest of the year. We are a community who comes together – and fights together –through every milestone, rain or shine. Although the event did not go as planned, we should all be proud of the positivity we exuded despite the circumstances. We should remember the power and unmatched support we can provide one another when we come together as a community. 

By: Yassie Buchanan, DM 26 PR Committee