Humans of DM: DJ NYJ

Dance Marathon is known for the dancers who push themselves to stay on their feet for 24 hours straight.  However, one thing that isn’t often recognized is the DJ team that works tirelessly to make sure the dancers stay pumped throughout the whole event.  The team is made up of three DJs, who stay up all 24 hours like the dancers do.

DJ NYJ has been working the Big Event since 1999, his first being Dance Marathon 5.  He was asked to DJ the event by a friend, knowing very little what he was getting himself into.  He said that something about the Big Event spoke to him that night, and he knew that he had to work it into his schedule every year.

“It’s that communal effect music has.”  DJ NYJ said.  “It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what background, if you’re black, white, purple, doesn’t matter.  We all come together for this one reason and to help fight cancer.”

NYJ was the creator of power hour.  He said that his team puts all of their energy into the last hour because this event deserves to be closed out the right way.

“My favorite part is seeing the small kids that are here, their families get on stage and dance and kind of all gravitate towards that and have a good time.”  NYJ said.  “Seeing the joy on their face is the best part of that.”

DJ NYJ said there is no end date in sight for him to stop working the Big Event.  He said that he plans to keep coming as long as he can.