Kiddo Graduation celebrates 5 years cancer free!

As the end of the University of Iowa Dance Marathon 24’s Big Event gets closer and closer, the members of UIDM continue to celebrate life: the lives of the kiddos who are now five years into remission and get to graduate at the Big Event.

Kiddo Graduation is a UIDM tradition that honors the kiddos who have now made it to five years cancer-free, upon which the chance of relapsing becomes so insignificant that it is almost impossible. The kiddos line up on the stage, wearing gold gowns and caps, and each of their names is read aloud to the crowd in the Iowa Memorial Main Lounge.

Dance Marathon 24’s kiddo graduation ceremony takes place just before the end of the Big Event, right before Power Hour and the Closing Ceremonies.

As the graduating kiddos process into the Main Lounge, cheers erupt from all the UIDM members. No matter how much their feet hurt or no matter how tired they are, kiddo graduation is a reminder to all dancers that this is the future they are fighting for by raising money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

For the kiddo graduation ceremony for Dance Marathon 24’s Big Event, there were 17 kiddos who graduated, and Stead Family Children’s Hospital staff members spoke during the ceremony.