Officially Halfway There!

As the clock turned to 7:00 AM, dancers, leadership members, kiddos and families gathering in the Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge to celebrate the halfway mark: Dance Marathon style.

This tradition was followed by the annual “Short Hair Don’t Care” ceremony where people donate 8 or more inches of hair or choose to shave their head on stage—all in honor of the kiddos that have to do the same and to donate their hair to provide wigs for them too.

Our “halfway there” mark is a celebration and a reminder of why we are dancing, who we are dancing for, and how we should never give up on raising awareness and spreading lime. Before we began our halfway celebration, our dancers had the opportunity to listen to the Jackson Gipe family where they shared their story and gave us more motivation going into the second half of the Big Event.

We spent this hour belting Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer”—a treasured tradition and something many members of UIDM look forward to.

With less than 12 hours left, UIDM is going to continue celebrating its successes, fundraising money, and spreading lime. Each hour keeps getting better and better.

Who’s ready for the second half of the Big Event? We know we are!