The Heroes that Fight for DM

Every human involved in Dance Marathon is a hero; this is reflected in the ongoing success of DM throughout the years. Dance Marathon impacts so many different groups of people in extremely different ways. For example, DM can make an important difference in the lives of the courageous DM kiddos and families who are going through some of their hardest battles in the Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The impact Dance Marathon has on their lives includes tremendous financial and emotional support throughout the duration of their fightAnother group includes the thousands of DM dancers, leaders, volunteers and alumni fighting for these kids every day.  

The Humans of DM Instagram account details the journeys of various groups involved in the organization. Our posts include everything from stories of hope, to reasons for joining Dance Marathon, to the ways DM has impacted our lives throughout the years. One featured family on the page is that of Bethany Johnson, a DM kiddo who became five years cancer free in 2019. The Johnson family’s post stated, “being able to have the people involved in Dance Marathon around plays such a huge part and has helped get us to kiddo graduation.”  

Recently, the account has undergone a name change that will better reflect the newly released DM 26 campaign, “We Fight Together.” The Instagram handle “Humans of DM” was renamed to “Heroes of DM,” to acknowledge the tremendous work done over the past 26 years for the organization. Furthermore, this name change also works alongside our theme for the Big Event this year, superheroes. The account will continue to feature dancers, families, volunteers, and leadership members who are currently fighting for the kids at the Children’s Hospital. The work Dance Marathon completed in the last 26 years is truly indescribable and nothing short of heroic.  

Through the Heroes of DM instagram account, we have the privilege of highlighting the many voices, leaders, and fighters of this incredible organization. If you’ve been a part of DM, we want to hear from you and your personal reflection on the organization. How has Dance Marathon changed your life? How have you changed a life in Dance Marathon?  

By: Ally Gibson, DM 26 PR Committee