Chair Contact

2018 Chair Contacts

Executive Director Charlie Ellis
Executive Chair Lexi Breitbart 

Business Committee:

Business Director Sam Richter
Business Chair Dan Rafferty
Analytics Chair Gabbi Nielsen 
Canning Co-Chair Carli Strathman
Canning Co-Chair Abbey McClain 
Fundraising Chair Macy Meredith 

Development Committee:

Development Director Olivia Gunn
Development Chair Ali Watkins 
DMM Co-Chair Madi Peck
DMM Co-Chair Johnny Kopach

Outreach Committee:

Outreach Director Darby Drenzek
Outreach Chair Rachel Hulme
Alumni Relations Chair Jack Moss

Dance Marathon

Mini Co-Chairs

Taylor Jordhal

Erin Taber

Sponsorship Committee:

 Sponsorship Director Jack Morgan
 Sponsorship Chair Alice Kober
 Stewardship Chair Charlie Dean
 Community Relations Chair Matt Kolarczyk
 Hospitality Chair Addison Stewart

Family Relations Committee:

 Family Relations Director Yasmeen Rose
 Family Relations Chair Madison Gordon
 Family Representative  Alison Rusche
 Family Programming  Brady Hoskins
 Family Programming  Aly Noble 

Hospital Committee:

 Hospital Director Gillian Fiandaca
 Hospital Chair Allie Stutting
 Hospital Chair Lauren Vasilakos

Event Committee:

 Event Director Aleisha Norton 
 Event Chair Omar Aguilar
 Dancer Relations Chair Noah Goudie
Entertainment Chair Mariah Guerrero

Campus Relations Committee:

Campus Relations Director Sierra Jones 
Campus Relations Chair Isabelle Weber
Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Chair Anna Turnquist
Diversity and Inclusion Chair Cesar Perez

Public Relations Committee:

PR/Marketing Director Jenna Larson
Public Relations Chair Lilly Boenker
Marketing Chair Ashley Hoffman
Social Media Chair Emma Johnson

Creative Committee:

Creative Director Katie Sailer
Graphic Design Chair Riley Nakagawa
Merchandise Chair Anna Redington
Multimedia Chair Abbie Schuchard


Operations Committee:

 Operations Director Hannah Lembke 
 Operations Chair Francis Hart
 Sustainability Chair Jessica Oliver
 Volunteer Chair Paiton Schulthies
 Logistics Chair Danita Todd

Morale Committee:

 Morale Director Allie Zimmerman
 Morale Chair Hannah Stessman 
 Recruitment/Retention Chair Sam Hansen
 Lime Captain Chair Annie Korff