Jack Morgan

Sponsorship Director

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Finance and Business Analytics


St. Charles, IL

Favorite DM Memory:

My favorite Dance Marathon memory is the first dancer meeting of DM23 during my freshman year. I registered for Dance Marathon after talking with a friend who was a Junior and was going to be a Morale Captain. He told me a bit about Dance Marathon, but walking into the first meeting I had no idea what to expect. After hearing each Director talk about what they were working on and their vision for the year I realized how incredible of an organization Dance Marathon is. After hearing the family speaker I realized how big of an impact Dance Marathon has on our kiddos and families. Since that first meeting I have loved being a part of this organization and this year I am excited to work as hard as I can to make Dance Marathon 25 the best it can be.

Favorite TV Show/Movie Quote:

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." - Friday Night Lights

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Sponsorship and community day information

Preferred Pronouns:

He, Him, His