Jenna Larson

Public Relations Director

Meet Jenna!


Journalism and English


Long Grove, IA

Favorite DM Memory:

Volunteering at the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital has been the greatest opportunity I've been given throughout my years in Dance Marathon. Not only is this a chance to see who and where our continuous fundraising efforts go towards, but it also is a chance to meet our incredible kiddos--and there's nothing better than that. Alongside that opportunity, I've been able to represent select Dance Marathon families throughout my years in Dance Marathon, which yet again establishes a better understanding for what we do as an organization, all the while meeting the strongest, most caring and loving humans in the world.

Favorite TV Show/Movie Quote:

"Life's short. Talk fast." - Lorelei Gilmore

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Press releases and media information

Preferred Pronouns:

She, Her, Hers