Yasmeen Rose

Family Relations Director

Meet Yasmeen!


Biomedical Engineering


Sioux City, IA

Favorite DM Memory:

My favorite Dance Marathon memory was family walk in for Dance Marathon 24. From being a dancer, to being on morale, I got to watch from the sidelines the celebrities of our organization being walked in by these people in blue and I remember longing to form those personal bonds with those families. I was able to be one of the blue people and walk in our families during family walk in. I got to notice the genuine smiles from our families when they walk into the ballroom to see their army of lime behind the double doors. My love and appreciation for these families are endless. I cannot wait to now announce the amazing families behind our organization alongside my best friend Gillian Fiandaca!

Favorite TV Show/Movie Quote:

"You're a wizard Harry" - Hagrid (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)

Contact Yasmeen for:

Family inquiries and family event information

Preferred Pronouns:

She, Her, Hers