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Anna Ertz ‘I’m With Jackson Walk’ to spread Pediatric Cancer Awareness

Anna will begin her walk on June 22nd (Jackson’s birthday) in Burlington, Iowa and will finish in Iowa City, at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, on June 26th. Proceeds of this event will be donated to the University of Iowa Dance Marathon.

On August 11th, 2014 Anna’s son, Jackson, lost his battle to pediatric cancer. In order to exemplify the strength and courage Jackson displayed during his treatment, Anna is walking from Burlington, Iowa to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City. The family has installed a nonprofit foundation named, "I'm with Jackson." The significance of the organization, explained by Anna on her UI Dance Marathon online giving page is, "to share Jackson's story, make people aware of the struggle that occurs every day for kids with cancer and to share to raise money to help other families who are faced with the childhood cancer diagnosis every day. When you say I'm with Jackson, you are saying that you will share the conversation and heart that goes into childhood cancer.” To visit the giving page to read more on Jackson’s story and donate to Anna’s walk, please click on the web address below:

Anna has prepared to walk 15-20 miles each day until she reaches her destination. On Friday, June 26th, Anna is welcoming anyone and everyone to join for the final 3 miles of her walk. The designated meet up to participate will be at the Johnson County Fairgrounds at 4:30 PM, and the group will arrive at UIHC around 6:00 PM. If anyone will be unable to meet and walk with Anna from the fairgrounds, it is highly encouraged to welcome her at the UIHC at 6:00 PM.

"I thought we had our life all planned out, and God had a greater plan. Jackson was here for just a while but his life and cancer journey continues on. I am proud to be with Jackson and to carry on his name to better people’s lives, hearts, and minds. To share HOPE and to live better."

This event is Dance Marathon sponsored, as the Ertz family is a continued family participant of the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon.

Media Contact: Evan Furlong