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Dance Marathon 24 raises $3,011,015.24


Dance Marathon 24 raises $3,011,015.24

With open arms and empathetic hearts, members of the University of Iowa Dance Marathon gathered at the Iowa Memorial Union this February 2nd and 3rd for a 24-hour celebration.

With a mission to provide endless hope and support to Dance Marathon kids and their families, over 2,700 student dancers, 300 student leadership members, 11 executive board members, and the many volunteers and advisors worked year-round to fundraise.

This year, UIDM raised $3,011,015.24 all For The Kids.

With the help from the Mini Dance Marathons, Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon, and fundraising efforts by Dance Marathon alumni. The Mini Dance Marathons held throughout the year by local schools, contributed $571,471.26. Our alumni donated over $120,000 and the annual radiation contributed $80,532.00.

This amount the organization raised is a direct result of the hard work, passion, and drive all members put forth. Not only does this money financially support the children at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s hospital, but it also provides hope and emotional support.

Without embracing challenges, consistently pushing limits, and fostering innovation, Dance Marathon’s fundraising efforts would fall short. But with the help from one another, inspiration from Dance Marathon kids and families, and a passion that extended far beyond the city, raising $3,011,015.24 was a collective effort—and a miraculous one at that.

Concluding the 24th Annual Dance Marathon Big Event, our color alone did indeed give the kids a reason to smile as we celebrated our united efforts throughout the year. We are extremely proud of the money we raised to provide services for pediatric oncology and bone marrow patients.

It is with deep gratitude that we attribute Dance Marathon 24’s successes to the heart of everything our organization stands for: the kids and their families. Our fundraising amount goes towards supporting and funding cancer research. With hopes to contribute to finding the cure to cancer, until then will we continue to raise awareness, provide financially, give emotionally, and support indefinitely.

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