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Live Lime Go Green

“Live Lime, Go Green: UIDM’s Continued Carbon Neutral Initiative”

IOWA CITY, IA — This April 27 at 12:30 p.m., on the west side of the University of Iowa’s
Pentacrest, Dance Marathon will hold its first tree planting ceremony, “Live Lime, Go Green.”
In efforts to maintain the progress of Dance Marathon’s carbon neutrality, the University’s
Facilities Management and its Office of Sustainability is partnering with Dance Marathon to
plant 25 trees.
Jessica Oliver, Dance Marathon 25 Sustainability Chair, has been working to help the
organization become more environmentally conscious.
“These trees will help us reach our goal of a carbon neutral Big Event. Carbon neutral is when
something makes no net release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This is usually
achieved by planting trees,” Oliver said. “Twenty-five trees will be planted but not because this
is DM 25. The amount of energy used during the DM 23 Big Event was calculated into the
number of trees needed to offset it.”

Dance Marathon 23’s Big Event used 1900 KiloWatt Hours (kWh) above the Iowa Memorial
Union average. This number was then calculated into CO2 emissions in Metric Tons (mT) based
on the EPA Greenhouse Gases and Equivalencies Calculator. This number came out to
1.4136mT. It takes approximately 18 trees to offset 1 mT of CO2 emissions. The calculated
number of trees needed to offset our DM23 Big Event IMU emissions is 25.4448, Oliver said.

Landscape services said that those attending the event will be able to throw in dirt or leave a
token in the ground during the ceremony.
“I’m really excited to move forward this year by continuing to build our strategic plan with
sustainability in mind as we move towards a greener Big Event,” said Hannah Lembke, Dance
Marathon 25 Operations Director.
All press is encouraged to come to the event for more coverage. For more information, please
contact myself or our Operations Director, Hannah Lembke, at or our
Sponsorship Chair, Jessica Oliver, at