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UIDM Fundraising Push Day: 200K IN A DAY!

“UIDM Fundraising Push Day: 200 K IN A DAY!”

IOWA CITY, IA – On Wednesday, November 9th, University of Iowa Dance Marathon is excited to put on this year’s fundraising push day. After the huge and humbling success of last year’s 100 Dollar Day, the organization is striving to aim even higher this year. DM 23’s Fundraising Push Day goal is to raise $200K in a day!

While our fundraising efforts are in full-force year round, November 9th will serve as a 24-hour period of intensified fundraising. There will be challenges throughout the day presented to both dancers and leadership members, encouraging every single person involved in Dance Marathon to take advantage of every hour and engage in new and creative ways to raise money for the kids.

“The true meaning of this goal obviously comes from our families. Last year we saw what it was like when our team came together and raised over $135,000 on our first ever fundraising push day. It was incredible to witness the excitement and truly see where the money goes and who it impacts,” says Lindsey Lovik, DM 23’s Business Director.  “This year we wanted to do more, more for the families that need our support every single day. We need the entire campus and Iowa City community to band together. If we have every single person on board to help us make this goal a reality we will be able to change the lives of so many kids.”

UI Dance Marathon is planning to take over the world of social media on November 9th. Challenges, prizes, and fundraising updates will be released in real time on the following platforms:

Facebook: University of Iowa Dance Marathon
Instagram: @UIDM and @humansof_dm
Snapchat: uidancemarathon
Twitter: @UIDM

Dance Marathon emphasizes that the kiddos and their families should be kept at the forefront of all fundraising efforts. $200K in a day is a tall order, but the dedication of members, the support of external partners, and the unwavering strength of the kids will make it possible for DM 23 to meet and surpass this goal.

If inquiring additional information, please contact Morgan Kennedy at, as well as our website at

Media contact: Ameena Chaudhry