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University of Iowa Dance Marathon $100 Dollar Day

On Wednesday, December 9th the University of Iowa Dance Marathon will be hosting a new tradition of $100 dollar day. This event will take place the duration of the day and the results will be posted the following morning.

This idea was brought forward by the executive council of Dance Marathon. PR/Marketing Director, Nidhi Patel stated that, “After seeing how successful this campaign has been for other dance marathon programs, we knew we had to do it. The council wants this day to motivate dancers, engage our community and push us to do as much as we can for the kids. The rest of the council and I knew the planning of this event would utilize every committee but we had no idea how perfectly everything would come together! We could not be more excited about the inaugural year of this event.” Some examples of the schools Nidhi Patel described are the University of Florida raising $224,756 and the University of Purdue raising $100,630.

The Indiana room of the Iowa Memorial Union will be set up as a headquarters for the event. Taking place there will be a call-a-thon to potential donors. This also will be the location for picking up any prizes given away throughout the day. (The first 100 dancers to raise $100 will receive a free, exclusive t-shirt).

Activities throughout the day will include social media postings every hour. These postings will include various graphics, pediatric cancer statistics, and updates for the event. Also to encourage participation in the residence halls, there will be a fundraising jail set up. The jail will serve for dancers to be placed in for 30 minute increments, they then will need to raise $50 to be released. Donations can be turned in at the jail for the dancers release or online to their online giving pages.

If inquiring any additional information please contact Dan Kolb at

Media Contact: Evan Furlong