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University of Iowa Dance Marathon Goal Reveal Celebration

The University of Iowa Dance Marathon is currently 132 days away from the big event in February. To celebrate this anticipation they announced their goal fundraising amount Friday afternoon. The goal was revealed to be a total of $2.4 million FTK!

To calculate this major achievement Dan Kolb (the executive director of Dance Marathon 22) elaborated on how the executive committee arrived at this number. When calculating this total, they pushed for the best possible ways to raise the amount 20 percent from the DM21 total of $2,001,856.

Dan feels this goal is completely attainable through the changes in the organization from DM21 to DM22. “The major thing is raising the fundraising minimum from $400 to $500, as well as setting higher goals for our leadership members. We also have initiated new recruitment tactics, for example the organization delegate program, which encourages organizations across campus to become more involved in Dance Marathon.”

With the organization delegate program numerous organizations on campus will have a representative from Dance Marathon, who encourages others to participate and inform them about Dance Marathon events sponsored year round. Dan spoke with great confidence that this program will only improve what already was a successful spring recruiting effort to a successful fall recruiting effort.

Throughout the past 21 years, UI Dance Marathon has raised over $16.5 million to help families in their fight against pediatric cancer. FTK! With still a lengthy road ahead a significant momentum will be made by: dancers, leadership, and the community so that the tote board on February 6th will read $2.4 million FTK!

Media Contact: Evan Furlong