Host a Mini

The University of Iowa (UI) Dance Marathon would like to invite you to consider hosting an event at your school. This opportunity would allow your students to learn the importance of volunteering, philanthropy, and about helping others. Mini-Dance Marathons give your students an opportunity to support families and children with cancer through UI Dance Marathon!

What is a Mini Dance Marathon?

Mini Dance Marathon is a smaller version of the University of Iowa Dance Marathon. They are school sponsored events in K-12 schools that benefit UI Dance Marathon. School personnel plan the event, decide their length, and how their Mini Dance Marathon will be structured. Schools may have an admission/participation fee for students to attend or fundraisers leading up to their event to help raise funds.

Who plans a Mini Dance Marathon?

A group of motivated students within the high school, who are involved in a student organization such as Student Council, Key Club or National Honors Society. Sometimes an activities director, guidance counselor, or Parent-Teacher-Organization (PTO) will act as the student's director and be in contact with Dance Marathon. Elementary and Middle schools may need more faculty assistance. Dance Marathon will act as an advisory for your school and provide help as needed. Dance Marathon will provide college student interaction with your students and raise awareness at your event!

Why should I host a Mini Dance Marathon?

Mini Dance Marathons give students the opportunity to raise money for Dance Marathon and help children battling cancer at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Hosting this event will allow students to gain valuable leadership skills and give students ownership of their school event. Students will be able to give back to the community and understand the impact their donations have on the children and their families at the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital.

How can I raise money for a Mini Dance Marathon?

Elementary schools have had carnivals, games, and charge fees to participate. Middle School/High Schools have transformed their gymnasium into a dance floor and asked students to pay a participation fee. Some schools that cannot host a Mini Dance Marathon have a fundraiser instead. One option is to sell DM Miracle stars for $1 and display them all over their school. Be creative. The options are endless!

How do I get my school involved?

If you are interested in hosting a Mini Dance Marathon, please contact our Mini Dance Marathon chairs by emailing Claire Sufflebeam at (for elementary schools and middle schools) or Natalie Wirtz at (for high schools).