Letter from the UIDM Executive Director:

The University of Iowa Dance Marathon is committed to rising with resilience by creating an entirely virtual year. In the interest of the health and safety of our families, students, and community members, we have decided to forego any in- person event or programming.

UI Dance Marathon commits itself to have a presence in the community and Stead Family Children’s Hospital by creating connections through virtual engagement. These virtual events and programming allow more people to share their support for our families than ever before. Please check out our event calendar and list of additional programming we will be having this year!

A decision in regard to our annual Big Event celebration will be announced in late- September.

Always for the kids,

Elizabeth Jackson, Executive Director of UI Dance Marathon 27


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Letter from the UIDM Hospital and Family Liaisons:

Hospital and Liaison Updates:

Over the summer we created a YouTube Channel to provide fun and engaging videos for our kiddos in the hospital, and we are continuing to add to it weekly! Soon, we will be starting a Zoom playtime for all inpatients in the Children’s Hospital where they will have the opportunity to participate in a craft and activity with Dance Marathon members. To provide additional assistance to our families on Level 11, we will be distributing gift cards to the hospital cafeteria and Bread Garden Market (located inside the hospital) to help cover the cost of meals, and will also be delivering prepackaged donuts and juice twice a month! 

Family Liaison Updates:

For families whose journey takes place outside of the hospital walls, we will be sending out activity boxes each month to families who sign- up. In each activity box, there will be various items such as crafts, science experiments, activity books, and small gifts. Along with these boxes, there will be a scheduled time for children to meet with UIDM leadership members to go through the contents of their boxes. In September, the kids and UIDM will be making a DIY lava lamp. We will also be holding three virtual game nights throughout the fall semester as well.



Please check out the additional programming we will be having this year!

  • Merchandise
    • All merchandise items and sales will be done online with the help of our campus partner, the hawk shop. More information to come on our new online UI Dance Marathon Merchandise ship.
  • Meetings
    • All meetings, including monthly Dancer Meetings, will be held online. To participate in a monthly Dancer Meeting please look at the calendar below for the date and time. Dancer Meetings will be held on a webinar- style platform.
  • Day to DM
    • This annual 24-hour fundraising push day will be held online and announced in early- October.
  • Community Days
    • At local businesses and restaurants with proceeds going to our mission

*we are partnering with businesses that uphold health and safely COVID-19 guidelines

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions Efforts
    • Educational speakers from campus to promote a Diverse and Inclusive atmosphere in our organization
  • Online silent auctions with curated gift baskets
  • Dance Marathon the Marathon
  • Shoe Drive
  • Post- Dance Marathon the Marathon virtual race shoe drive to donate worn running shoes
  • UIDM Can Collection
    • In local neighborhoods and businesses to donate for change
  • For purchase “Winter Fun Boxes” to celebrate the winter holidays
  • Hospital Liaison YouTube Channel
    • Where mindful minutes and craft tutorials can be found for our kiddos
  • Big Event
    • An announcement in regard to our annual, year- end celebration will be released in September