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dih day 01

Dancing in our Hearts

December 3rd, 2021 is our second annual DIH Day. DIH stands for "Dancing in our Hearts," which is a term we use to refer to the kiddos who have lost their battle with cancer. Although we can use symbolic words like dancing in our hearts to offer a less tragic outlook on what these kids have gone through, there are no rose colored glasses for the loss these families have experienced. This is what makes DIH Day so important. We honor these families and remind them that we will always be here. For our families who have already lost a child, Dance Marathon is so much more than a Big Event and millions of dollars. All the money in the world can't replace what cancer has taken from them. So why stay? Because Dance Marathon is so much more than a bandage. We honor them by telling their story, keep the memory alive. We remind people that, for these families; a child, sibling, best friend, teammate, and so much more will forever be missed.

We offer you their stories here, read them, keep the memory alive, keep them dancing in our hearts.