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262 days until the Big Event.

DIH Room

This year, we started a new tradition of the first annual Dancing in Our Hearts Day. It was an incredibly special day as we took the time to remember and honor the children who are Forever Dancing In Our Hearts. We hope DIH Day embodied the genuine respect we have for our DIH families and served as an unwavering symbol of the warmth and love that will forever surround these children. This day was dedicated to spreading awareness of the fight against pediatric cancer, sharing stories and memories, and inspiring strength through the toughest battles.
A DIH family, or Dancing in our Hearts Family, is one type of the families we support. A DIH family is a family with a kiddo who has battled pediatric cancer and unfortunately had their lives taken much too soon to cancer. We continue to support these kiddos, their families, and the legacies they leave behind.

This page includes submitted photos and memories from some of our DIH families. It also includes a list of all DIH kiddos that Dance Marathon honors. We will never forget these angels that dance among us.