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The Charlie McCoy Family

"You need to go see Oncology next.” I remember those words from a Fellow as I tried to keep Charlie’s Goldfish and apple juice from spilling, while holding her on my hip with my other arm. 

 Over the course of the next year we would become familiar with words like port, prognosis, access, Heprin, neutrophils, culture, biopsy, fever, lesions, and sedation. We also became familiar with the words like hope, survivor, fighter, strong, courageous, forgiving, and love. 

 We moved back to Cedar Rapids a year into her treatment and within our first few weeks here, a fever landed Charlie inpatient. It was there we were introduced to Dance Marathon. It was there we were given gift cards to restaurants and help to pay for over the counter meds. You even covered chemo cost one month for our sweet girl when we were in-between insurances. 

 Who does that??!! ???? 

 We felt your love and compassion before we met any of you.

 You all came up to our rowdy little bunch at our first DM Big Event in 2013, and the girls jumped eagerly into your arms. Over the years, you have all made your way into our hearts and unfortunately they still jump up into your arms! 

 It’s all the rage right now to be the one to make a difference. 

Stand for injustice. 

Be the change. 

Be the good. 

I hope you know you are doing just that. 

You have made such an impact on our family and especially 3 not so little anymore girls who think the world of you!"

-Rhonda McCoy, Charlie's mom