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The Isaac Mussman Family

“In 2017 Isaac was having pain in his legs. We thought well he is 14 it's just growing pains. He went on vacation with my parents to Kentucky and my mother called and said he is in a lot of pain. He can't get comfortable. They arrived home on a Sunday and we took him straight to the ER. There they did an x-ray and said it was just a pinched nerve. That he needed to see the pediatrics Orthopedic Dr. So we called and made an appointment but they couldn't get us in till that Wednesday. That Monday and Tuesday we the worse for Isaac. He couldn't lay down, sit back, or get comfortable no matter how he tries. He ended up sitting on the edge of the recliner for a good 12 hours. Finally, I called the chiropractor to see if they could relieve the pinched nerve. They said they would see him Tuesday morning at 9. His dad took him to the chiropractor and Isaac received little relief. The chiro wanted to see him again at 3 that afternoon. So his dad took him back and that was no relief. Isaac couldn't even walk out of the office. Eric and the chiro had to carry him to the truck. That's when my husband called me at work and said something is very wrong. That Isaac was in so much pain he was crying. Isaac had lost feeling from his waist down. I left work and we took him straight to the ER again. They did  CT of the spine and that's when it all fell apart. Isaac was airlifted to Iowa City. He spent several hours in the ER where they ran tests. Once Eric and I arrived they started getting it all together. He was transferred to a room where they then took him to surgery. So about 2:30 a.m. he was having his first operation. It went well but we were told that they were about 80% sure it was cancer. Isaac was admitted to the Stead Family Children's hospital. He went through two more operations before he was released to St. Luke's in Cedar Rapids. He then had to do about 4-5 weeks of inpatient rehab before released to go home. Isaac plan was 22 weeks of chemotherapy and 33 rounds of radiation. He finished with radiation treatments Dec 17 2017 and chemotherapy March of 2018. Isaac is doing well at this time and is working hard on finishing his school. He has a plan to attend WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming after he graduates in 2021." 


Thank you for listening to our story.”