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The University of Iowa University of Iowa

Ali Orzechowski

Morale Captain Group 10

Meet Ali!


Elementary Education

Message from Ali:

One of the top things that I love is sports. Football, basketball, baseball, you name it! Some of my other interests are any activities outdoors, reading, going to sports events with my friends and family, and just hanging out and watching movies whenever I can! Some of my personality traits are that I may come off as shy but once you get to know me I never stop talking, I am very honest and open, I'm adventurous and love to try new things (except food!), and I am always looking for creative and fun things to do! What makes me a good captain is the drive I have to help the kiddos in any way possible whether that be raising money, going to the Zoom events to see them, or just letting them know that we are there for them and their families. I am also a very good listener so if you ever have any problems with school, friends, family, anything I will be there to listen and give advice when needed!


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