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The University of Iowa University of Iowa

Dance Marathon's Reach

Over 30,000 students at the University of Iowa
Direct Participants: Over 2,500 passionate, motivated, philanthropic, and responsible student leaders who work year-round to carry out Dance Marathon’s mission.

6,000 hospital staff and patients through Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon Families:
Dance Marathon supports over 1000 families that are currently or were previously affected by cancer.

Community Members:
Over 500 friends and families visit dancers during the Big Event.

Company name on the Dance Marathon T-Shirts:
More than 4,000 shirts are printed each year worn by Dance Marathon executives, committee members, dancers, families and volunteers.

Website and Social Media:
Dancers, hundreds of family members, community members, and parents will visit the Dance Marathon website on multiple occasions for vital information about the organization throughout the year.

Facebook: 12,500+ Followers

Twitter: 6,000+ Followers

Instagram: 5,000+ Followers

Dancer Meetings:
Large morale-building sessions held monthly throughout the school year in order to disperse information to over 600 event participants on each occasion.

Dancer Recruitment tabling events:
These allow Dance Marathon sponsors to set up promotional tables, reaching over 3,000-4,000 University of Iowa students, staff and faculty.