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The Dance Marathon Allocations applications for Spring 2023 will be available January 1st at midnight through 5:00 p.m. on February 14th

The UI Dance Marathon Allocations NEW Application can be found  If you have not been funded by Dance Marathon in the past year, please submit this new application by February 14th.  

The UI Dance Marathon Allocations RENEWAL Application can be found  If you currently have a project funded through this committee, please submit this renewal application by February 14th

Research Applications: This funding opportunity is seeking high risk/high reward innovative research projects to advance/improve stem cell transplantation and/or immunotherapies for pediatric cancer patients.  Both basic science and clinical intervention development projects are eligible.  Individuals who were awarded funding for a research project in 2022, are not eligible for a renewal.  Please submit a new application.  Send an e-mail to for an application and instructions.  

If your project has been completed, please notify Jessie Cunningham in writing and submit your Final Report within 30 days of the project completion. This short report outlines the impact of your project and ways in which you recognized the University of Iowa Dance Marathon. The Dance Marathon Allocations Final Report can be found