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The University of Iowa University of Iowa
100 days until the Big Event.


Dear Press,

The University of Iowa Dance Marathon is the largest student run organization on campus, with an outreach of close to 3,000 students. We are a year-round organization that strives to provide emotional, medical, and financial support to pediatric cancer patients and families at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Dance Marathon engages in small and large fundraising efforts throughout the year, culminating in a 24-hour Big Event in February that celebrates life and hope In our 27 years, we have raised over $31 million!

On this page is you will find current press releases of our yearlong events. Each event offers a unique perspective on the organization and applies a tremendous impact on our families. If you are interested in covering an event please contact me at: Please also reach out to me with any questions.

Striving To Do More,

Sarah Schminke

Public Relations Director, Dance Marathon 28