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Childhood Cancer Awareness


As you may know, September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to bringing awareness to childhood cancer, which is still the leading cause of death by disease for children under 14. This month is obviously very important to Dance Marathon as our mission reflects everything that Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is fighting to do: create awareness and support pediatric cancer patients. University of Iowa Dance Marathon’s does everything with many big goals in mind, one goal being to bring awareness to this horrible thing called cancer. We believe that no child should have to go through such a scary thing at such a young age.

These last few months have looked a bit different for everyone. Everyone has had to change the way they do things. Everyone has probably struggled in some way whether it be financially, emotionally, or physically. With everything going on, it is sometimes easy to focus on our own problems and forget about everyone else. With this month being childhood cancer awareness month, it is especially important to think about those families that are affected by cancer. Pediatric cancer patients are still fighting for their lives this month. They are still fighting for a break, fighting for hope, and fighting with strength, with courage, and with resilience. Our kiddos at Stead Family Children’s Hospital are the strongest people we know, fighting the hardest battles. So, while this month may look different for everyone, cancer still exists and the fight for something better still exists.

Even more, this week, October 5th was Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. A day to celebrate the battles won but also recognize and push for awareness, hope, and a cure. Today, this month and every month we want it to be known that we will find an end and we will keep fighting no matter what gets in the way. These kids don’t give up on us and we can’t give up on them.

By: Sarah Schminke and Jenna Vogel, Public Relations Committee, DM27