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137 days until the Big Event.

Dance Marathon 27 goes Virtual


At the beginning of the 2020 school year, the University of Iowa released a statement that all student organizations will be facilitated virtually. With that, due to Covid-19, the UI Dance Marathon Executive Council decided that the Big Event will not be held in-person. This decision was made in interest of the health and safety of our families, students, community members, and generous supporters. Originally scheduled for February 5th-6th, 2021, will now take place February 26th-27th, 2021.

Alongside the Big Event, all events leading up to the Dance Marathon 27 will be held virtually. Starting off, monthly dance meetings are held over zoom and breakout rooms are designed for students to get to know each other and meet others involved in Dance Marathon.

UI Dance Marathon commits itself to having a presence in the community and at Stead Family Children’s Hospital, especially during these difficult times. We do this through virtual events and programming allowing more support than ever before. Dance Marathon created a Youtube channel to provide a fun and engaging experience for kiddos at Stead. With that, Zoom playtime for all patients was put into place where they can participate in crafts and other activities with Dance Marathon members. Outside of the hospital walls, activity boxes are sent out to families who sign up. These boxes include crafts, science experiments, books, and small gifts.

Especially during these difficult times, the organization will remain fully dedicated and passionate about providing the most memorable and rewarding experience possible so that our families feel fully supported by the community surrounding them.

Now more than ever, the financial and emotional support we provide for our community of over 1,000 families is critical. We are committed to rising with resilience by creating an entirely virtual year. Although we were not anticipating a global pandemic to take over this past year, we are not going to let this time bring us or the kiddos down.

By: Parker Georlett, Public Relations Committee DM 27