Year: 2008
Amount Raised: $1,003,646.14

While lime green had already become the "official color of Dance Marathon," but DM14 was the year that it became the official t-shirt color for UIDM, with all dancers wearing lime green for the first time.  It was a memorable event with dancers, families, and the leadership team dancing the night away in a sea of lime green.  

In 2008, the leadership team set an ambitious goal of raising 1 million dollars. Many efforts were done throughout the year but those who participated in DM14 most likely remember the rally toward the end of the Big Event. With only a few hours left before Power Hour, the team had learned they were just shy of the fundraising goal. With the University’s support, they decided to go for it with only a few hours to spare before the event’s culmination. Several hundred participants came together to spread Dance Marathon’s goals and missions across campus and across the country, and through the help of countless supporters, we were able to make our goal, raising a grand total of $1,003,646.13.  This was monumental for many reasons, but the team effort that took place to reach the million-dollar milestone for the first time in UIDM history was the true showstopper of the event. In fact, one of the business committee members dressed up in a big stuffed lime green ‘number one’ costume as the first digit of the tote board to put an emphasis on the milestone.  Reflecting back on the year, there couldn’t have been a better motto: Make a Miracle, Make a Million.