Year: 2016
Amount Raised: $2,424,031.22

‘Twas a time long long ago, when DM 22 raised $2.4 Million all for the kids and families supported by UIDM!!  We had a lot of momentum heading into the year after DM 21 hit the $2 million mark, and we were all excited to continue to do incredible things! The first monumental moment of DM 22 was when we had the opportunity to allocate $2.2 million to establish the UI Dance Marathon Pediatric Oncology Targeted Therapy Program that allowed the UI Children's Hospital to assemble a targeted therapies infrastructure and begin hosting phase I and phase II clinical trials for pediatric cancer patients.  Bonkers right? College students working with an incredible hospital team to knock this disease to the ground!!

Next was what was best, all of the FAMILY Events!! Not only did we get to go to a lot of awesome Iowa venues (Like Camp Wapsie), but we got to hang out with the greatest families in the world and some of the bravest warriors that will not only defeat cancer but will conquer the world!  They were the ones that inspired us day in and day out to give our absolute all!!!

Skipping ahead to February and the greatest day of every year, the BIG EVENT!!  Not only did we set a goal to raise $2.4 million, but knocked that goal out of the water as we raised $2,424,031.22!! That number was put into perspective when the FLASH Family came on to the stage to close the event out. They taught us the true meaning of what we were doing. We were inspired, we laughed, we cried, we heard the difference we can make as college students, and most importantly, we learned to OWN THE DAY and beat CANCER!

From the entire DM 22 team, PEACE & BLESSINGS!!!! Creating Tomorrow by Dancing Today!