Year: 2002
Amount Raised: $519,990.70

Dance Marathon 8 began with the Executive Council traveling to Washington D.C. to the National Dance Marathon Conference. College students from across the United States involved in their own collegiate Dance Marathons came together to learn, share successes, and brainstorm ways to grow and improve their Dance Marathons! In addition to sharing and learning, this is always a great opportunity to help raise the national presence of Dance Marathons across the country while also putting UIDM as a leader in this space.

To help increase fundraising, leadership implemented incentives for Dancers who were in the top tier for money raised. These Dancers took advantage of special perks during the event such as special time with the Dance Marathon families, a shower, and even a little shut eye.

DM8 was another successful year that implemented new ideas, improved existing ones, and was the first year that a dancing number was incorporated into the logo. The slogan that year was ‘One Day A Year For A Lifetime Of Cheerʼ. In the end, DM8 hit the half million dollar mark for the second time and raised $519,990.70!