Bubby battled acute myeloid leukemia, and it started at just two years old. Her grandmother found a tumor growing on her ribcage in late fall and after two ultrasounds and a biopsy, it was confirmed cancer. Her tumor was removed and later we would get an accurate diagnosis of AML. Once we knew it was AML she started and completed chemotherapy. After her 3rd birthday she was able to undergo full body radiation to get ready for transplant. Once she was in remission, she had her first bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Her big sister Olythia was her donor, I still can’t believe how brave she was to make the choice but she knew it was the best way she could help her sister. She was 8 months cancer free and one day, one fever changed everything. Bubby ended up back at the hospital and after testing, we learned that the cancer had made its way back. So we would try again. She underwent weeks of chemo again. Things were definitely harder the second time around. Once she was in remission again, she did another transplant with a different donor. Less than two months later, the cancer was back. I got the worst phone call any parent could get. I was told that we exhausted our options and I had to make a choice. But no, I left it up to Oreliah. She decided to stop treatment, she knew what it meant but she was tired of being sick. As much as it broke my heart and rest of our family, I had to advocate for her and her wants. We chose to start at-home hospice care. For weeks she was surrounded by lots of love from our family. She was never alone, always held and loved on. My baby passed away in the early morning of November 24th, 2020. Bubby was so brave and tough through it all, I’m still so proud of her. I’ve never seen anyone handle that pain and sickness the way my baby girl had. Her absence is felt every day, mostly on her birthday and holidays. We have to keep talking about our babies, to keep their memory alive and spread awareness.

Here is the link to her obituary: https://www.kruse-phillips.com/obituary/oreliah-lasley-chavez

Oreliah Lasley-Chavez