Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Last year during my first Big Event, I learned plenty of things throughout the 24 hours that I wish I had known before! Here is a list of some of the top tips and tricks you should know before the Big Event...

1. Pack, pack, pack!

Make sure you take some time to pack your duffel bag. On top of some of your favorite colored swag, bring some extra changes of clothes, deodorant, and hygiene products to keep yourself feeling clean and fresh for the entire 24 hours.

2. Hydration is key

You’re going to be up, moving, and dancing around for a long time; make sure you’re drinking water so you can keep going! There will be plenty of stations to refill your water bottle around the IMU.

3. A fanny pack = your new best friend

Having your fanny pack on you will make your life 100 times easier. Keep some money to buy exclusive merch, attach your water bottle, and have your phone and swag on you at all times! If you don't already have a fanny pack, don't worry – we will be selling Dance Marathon exclusive ones at the merchandise booth.

4. Bring extra shoes  

Nothing feels better than switching out your pair of shoes to change arch support and relieve pressure from your aching feet. *Pro-tip: bring a tennis ball to roll out your feet!*

5. Take pictures but don’t live on your phone

It is so fun to look back on pictures and videos from the Big Event, but don’t get so caught up documenting that you miss out on the experiences right in front of you! Our lovely creative committee will be taking pictures throughout the Big Event, so you will still be able to relieve parts of the experience without being glued to your phone.

6. Listen to as many family speakers as you can

Every hour a different family comes to speak in the Main Lounge! Not only is it incredible to hear the family’s story, but they help keep you motivated throughout the 24 hours. Whenever you are feeling especially tired or your feet hurt, regain some inspiration and motivation through the words of our families.

7. Bring some of your favorite snacks

Small snacks you can keep in your fanny pack or duffel bag are a game-changer – especially because dinner on Friday night isn’t until late into the night! There will also be snacks available throughout the Big Event at the snack-shack.

8. Stay positive (especially when it’s hard!)

There are lots of highs and lows throughout the Big Event as you fight through standing and staying up for 24 hours. Staying positive to lift up yourself and those around you makes the experience better for everyone!

9. Get some ZZZ's the night before  

The Big Event is 24 hours of upbeat fun and exhaustion combined to create the best night of your life. You need to be prepared both mentally and physically in order to have the best experience!

10. Remember your “why”

You will experience every emotion throughout the Big Event. In every high and low, remember why you’re fighting, the impact you have, and the families that need you. Fight Until the End!

By: Rachel Lacy, Public Relations Committee, DM 26