Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sponsor #1

Name: LeAnn Meyer

Company name: Pancheros

Years involved with Dance Marathon: 10 years

Why they fight with us: We are so proud to support UIDM and their continuous efforts to help support pediatric cancer patients at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. We feel a special connection to the University of Iowa Dance Marathon as the Iowa City Pancheros was our very first location opened in 1992.

Sponsor #2

Name: Lynette Marshall

Company name: University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Years involved with Dance Marathon: 14 years

Why they fight with us: We want to support the student leaders who are working hard to raise money and be engaged with the families of kids with cancer.

What they shared: We are very proud of our association with UIDM and we look forward each year to providing financial and emotional support for the students of UIDM. For the Kids!

Sponsor #3

Name: Lauren Marck

Company name: Thompson and Company Salon Parlor

Years involved with Dance Marathon: 4 years

Why they fight with us: I think the question is, how could you not fight with U of I DM. Thompson & Company Salon Parlor mission statement is community, culture, couture, with community coming first for many reasons. We love getting involved in different organizations around our community that we truly all feel passionate about, Dance Marathon was always there for the start. We see in the salon here the power of a haircut, and how it can change someones day, week, month, or even life could we not do this for children battling cancer. After year 1 we realized quickly at the big event, this is something we needed to go FULL FORCE in and do anything we can do help fight. We started doing hair donations for the following year, the day after the big event. This is something we will continue to do forever, and we are so happy to be apart of such a great organization.

What they shared: We love all the relationships we have developed throughout the years with Dance Marathon. The chairman/executive teams have all began great friends to the salon throughout the years, but I do think what is most special is the relationships we create with Dancers and former cancer survivors themselves at the events. It was been absolutely amazing to see the kids from year to year remember us, and we remember them, and to see some who were battling before and not in remission holds a special spot in all our hearts.